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Who is Natcha Maithai?

What I look like now: I am, first and foremost, a scientist. I’ve worked in various cancer research labs for more than ten years. (No, there’s no such a thing as the cure for cancer, and I am jaded about conventional treatments. As a holistic practitioner, I am pro- prevention … Continue reading

My favorite salad dressing of all times – sesame ginger dressing

Forget the bottled salad dressing with the omega-6 oils, sugar (or corn syrup !!!), chemicals and pseudofoods. Just make your own. Here’s my favorite one.

Larb Nua in Rice Roll Bouquet

I was going to a housewarming party of a friend of mine. Every time I make something for a party, I feel the urge to surprise. She’s Peruvian so she likes spicy food. This is not a particularly popular dish but there was just no doubt in my mind that … Continue reading

The roles of gratitude in my body transformation

It seems counter-intuitive to claim that this helped me successfully transform my life more so than about just cleaning my plates. People are on a busy, go-go-go attitude nowadays and they couldn’t care less about what they put in their mouth. However, on any attempts to change in order to … Continue reading